LOST goes hitchcock

As for LOSTthis week, i loved the episode. thought it was so well written and so well done. i still cant believe that they are buried alive…that is too freaky. but the subtle things in that episode were great. even how close “paolo lies” sounds like “paralyzed”. the fact that they had dr. artz introduce the spiders and how that tied in. it was a great episode for sure. a couple of things that are interesting that i’ve found on different sites around the internets:

-Locke said “nothing stays buried on this island”. does that mean that nikki and paolo arent dead? will their bodies dissapear like other dead folk (Christian Shephard, Eko’s brother)? will the diamonds be dug up?

-what about Hurley’s comment when reading the Expose script “No way, Mr Lashade was the Cobra? He’s this big bad guy, his identity has been shrouded in mystery for 4 seasons…” do you think that has some connection to LOST. will we find out someone’s identity in Season 5? Will it be one of the LOSTIES who turns out to be “the cobra” or this Jacob that is running the show.

-when Nikki said “Promise me we won’t end up like them” was that foreshadowing? In the end, Nikki and Paolo did end up like them. dead.

-Paolo knew that Ben and Juliet were planning on kidnapping Jack and didnt say anything…strange.

-How about when Vincent took the blanket off of Nikki and Paolo’s bodies? It was a sign that they werent dead…i missed that one.

-remember that lit cigarette in the Pearl? was that left by Paolo? Maybe he went back to the Pearl between the time that he found it and bit it.

-the walkie talkie was introduced but not really expounded upon. i bet that definitely comes into play in future episodes.

-was mikhail really dead from the sonic fence? perhaps he had a poison pill he could take that would make it look like he was dead (similar to what the spider did to nikki and paolo). he did say that the fence no longer worked. (but then again there was blood comign out of his ears)

-apparently the TV show Locke was watching in the last episode when he’s in his house was “Expose” there were references to Crystal and the Cobra.

-what if vincent digs out nikki and paolo? imagine if they did a whole episode from vincent’s point of view?

-at the beginning of the episode nikki’s director tells her that he can bring her back from the dead (like with a bulletproof vest). is that the writer’s way of telling us that she isnt dead yet?