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+ Mars Hill Church (not Rob Bell’s, Mark Driscoll’s) has posted a summary of their stance on alcohol. I think it’s great that they took the time to articulate where they stand using scripture, historical information, and common sense. I also tend to agree with their position on the whole. is one of that fastest growing multi-site churches in America. And for good reason, they know what they’re doing and they’re good at it. They stay on the cutting edge of culture by doing things with excellence and by being relevant to the people they are trying to reach. Here’s another example. They’ve purchase 16 virtual acres on the popular online game Second Life. You can read more about it here. (how popular you ask? over 4 million registered users as of last month)

+ Ben Affleck involved in a DVD aimed at turning kids into Red Sox fans? No thanks.

+ Great Peter Gammons article on Spring Training if you’re an ESPN Insider.

…tournament games are beginning. My predictions will be posted here and at Burnside on Monday. (I have UCLA, Maryland, North Carolina, and Texas A&M in my Final Four with UCLA winning it all).