David vs. Goliath

a few weeks ago i had an idea for an article. i started typing some things out and laying the groundwork for the piece and a second idea for an article came. so i opened up a new Word file and banged out the groundwork for a modern retelling of David and Goliath’s classic battle in about 45 minutes. 6 drafts and many hours of editing later, David and Goliath is gracing the front page of the Burnside Writer’s Collective this week. It was a fun piece to write. I crammed in as many pop culture jokes and obscure sports references as i could. It’s probably not the best thing i’ve ever written, but hopefully it makes you crack a smile once or twice. check it out and leave a comment under the article (rather than here) to tell me what you think.

get those brackets filled out! Buddy, i got Ohio State going down early, which probably means they’ll make it to the Final Four.