so here’s the general gist of what i’ll be up to for the next few days as i enjoy this wonderful birthday present that erica got for me:


5pm – fly out of Baltimore to Huntsville, Alabama with a stop in Memphis on the way. My buddy Geof will pick me up around 9pm Central time, and we’ll crash at his place.


10am – We’ll make the 2 hour trek up to Nashville when Geof finishes up the couple things he needs to do at work. We’ve got a 12:30pm lunch date with independent artist extraordinaire Jeremy Casella. I’ve never met Jeremy, only talked to him on the phone a handful of times, so it should be fun.

monday night – no concrete plans as of yet, but lots of possibilities. Andy Osenga and Randall Goodgame want to hang out after they finish up writing for the new Caedmon’s record for the day. We might be able to convince Derek W to hang out as well. Hopefully some other Square Pegs will stop by. We’ll probably crash on couches in Nashville.

tuesday – at some point we’ll drive the 4 hours from nashville to southern alabama. On tuesday night some church is having derek webb and don miller together for a concert/speaker thing, and therein lies the whole reason for this trip. Hope to hang out with Derek and Don a little bit before or after the show.

wednesday – i’ll be missing my family like crazy. should arrive back in baltimore via detroit around 3:30pm and be home by 6pm.

i’ll post some interim updates along the way so i dont have to post a huge update. wish me safe travels!