a 3-minute update

  • got a golf outing this afternoon for work. i’m really excited about it, except that i got a rumor of who i am teamed up with and i think i might be the best player of the group. this is not a good thing. if that’s the case we will struggle to stay near par, which is pathetic for a scramble.
  • deck is not quite done yet, thanks to all the rain. thankfully our basement is dry.
  • heading to Mass. tomorrow morning for the long weekend and really excited about it. got a wedding on saturday where i’ll see alot of old friends. plan on climbing Mt Monadnock with Erica on monday, which i’m incredibly excited for.
  • Red Sox are hot right now. 11 in a row. loving it.
  • have a great weekend everyone, and dont play with fireworks! having all ten fingers is a good thing, i promise.