deck the cowbells

it’s high time for a visual update. first off, here’s a peek at why i’m sore this week

here’s the deck that came with my house

here’s me and erica’s dad ripping it apart

and here we are digging holes. worst. thing. eva. the dirt was hard packed like cement. fun times.

here’s chad, my bro-in-law, helping out

parker and his cousin landon “working”, as they like to call it.

the joists are in. progress is being made.

you can see these deck photos in all their glory here


here’s a few shots from the Caedmon’s show on saturday night

cliff and andy playing their geetars

the not-so-holy trinity of folk/acoustic/pop/rock goodness

who’s that idiot in the red sox sweatshirt on the cowbell stage left?

one more cowbell shot for good measure

you can check out the big versions of the Caedmon Cowbell shots here