the poop for jun13.06

in addition to wishing i was by the pool right now enjoying this 80 degree day, this is what’s up with me

  • i had a sac fly, a cheap single, and a base-of-the-wall triple to go 2-3 in our 15-11 win over the Believers last night. The win gives us a pathetic 2-6 record, and our next 7 games are against opponents with an average winning % of about .700. still having fun though…
  • i’ve been a little stuffy the past few mornings, which has provided me with a nice little sore throat to wake up too. felt kinda dumpy yesterday morning so i called in sick. didnt want to infect my coworkers. ended up helping my father-in-law dig a few holes for our new deck. by “a few” i mean twelve. and by “dig” i mean “DIG”. the 2-man auger we rented to help us couldnt bite through the hard packed dirt so we had to chip away at it in 2-inch chunks using a digging iron. not good times. but we got them dug out, filled them with cement, and atttached a 2×10 header to the house with joist supports. the lumber will be awaiting me at home this afternoon. i will have pictures up soon.
  • speaking of pictures, i will have pictures of my cowbell experience soon. andy osenga, Caedmon’s 9-toed (freak lawnmower accident) lead guitarist, mentioned me in his blog post about the show. I’m still not sure what to make of Cliff’s latest travel possibilites. According to him, I could be traveling abroad with the band again this fall. But if you know anything about Cliff, you know that the chances of it actually happening lie somewhere between “no way” and “definitely”, which is why i don’t know what to make of it. we’ll see. speaking of traveling with the band, if you want to go to the Holy Land with Caedmon’s Call, this december you’ll get your chance. more on that at this week.
  • Ortiz’s 3-run walk-off shot saturday afternoon was magical. As was Don Orsillo’s call of it. That right there was worth the price of the Extra Innings package.
  • Don’t forget about the fireworks in Intercourse on saturday night. (insert off-color joke here).
  • next sunday we might be making some quick and dirty recordings of some songs we’ve been writing as a worship band (more individually than collectively). i’m excited that we’re doing this, even if nothing more ever comes of it.
  • Speaking of the worship team, my bro-in-law Chad (our worship pastor), sister Steph, and her husband Michael are now among those who love LOST. Chad is almost done with Season 1, Steph & Michael just started Season 2. Enjoy!
  • lots of talk about Big Ben’s motorcycle crash on talk radio today. Do i think he owes it to his employer (the Steelers), teammates, and fans to wear a helmet when riding? Or should he not even be riding at all? I’m not sure what i think yet. The thing is, you never think you’re gonna crash, so you don’t think you’ll need a helmet. But like the 6 billion other people on this planet, Big Ben is not invicible. So yeah, i guess he should have probably been wearing a helmet. But I’m not going to rake him over the coals about it. He is lucky to have not suffered any brain damage and should be thanking God for that today.

i think i hear a salad calling my name…must go find it.