back and better than ever

a few notes from life

  • i’ve moved my blog OFFICIALLY to all my entries will be auto-posted on my xanga, for my Catalyst peeps to see and comment. I’m excited to continue to use this venue to be open and honest about the haps in my life.
  • i’ve been asked by 2 teams to play in this year’s PA Softball ‘C’ State Tourney. gotta love that. except that i dont know that i can play. it feels great to be recognized by peers as a good player, thats fo sho. in our league we have a doubleheader friday night. we need to win one…NEED.
  • picking up my sis and her man at the aeropuerto on fri morning, always good to have them around.
  • no plans to hang with Caedmon’s on saturday night…no expectations. if i dont get to say hi, only get to see them play, that will be cool enough. but hopefully i can at least touch base with my favortie peeps from houston and nashville.
  • on tuesday night i shaved off a piece of my left middle finger peeling potatoes. just a small piece, mind you, but still a piece. right where i play guitar too. hopefully a band-aid will suffice.

i think that’s it for now. glad to have a new look and home for my blog. drop a comment to say hi,  i’d love to know who that one person is who’s lurking.