bizarro friday night

what’s wrong with this picture. i’m doing the dishes, cleaning up the mess that a bunch of girls left in my kitchen. meanwhile, they’re downstairs watching a movie. huh? i might as well put on an apron and some pear-scented deodorant.

in a related story, i ran out of deodorant 3 days ago and have been using erica’s pear-scented Secret ever since. The only upside was that every time i streched my arms i was reminded of my lovely wife.

well, i better get these dishes done so i can get to bed. hopefully the girls aren’t too loud and let me sleep. i gotta get up with the kids in the morning and then work outside all morning getting the new play area ready for the new swingset. then we have a wedding in the afternoon. should be a busy day.

peace in the jordan river…bryan

ps. happy bday mr jordan allain. 19 is the most random bday ever. hope you enjoyed the fonduey goodness of the melting pot.