BB6 stratego

ok thoughts from this past week of BB6.

I think it was smart for Maggie to put up Kaysar and James because she wants one of them gone. This is how she assures herself of that. Along that vein, i think the notion of her putting up one of their partners if they win veto is a big bluff and should be called by either guy should they win veto. If Kaysar wins the veto, I’m sure he will be informed that Janelle will go on the block should he use it. They will make it seem like it would be a cowardly thing to do to take yourself off and essentially put your partner up. But if that happens, and it is Janelle vs. James, who do you think they are voting off? As smart as Janelle might be, James is clearly less trusted and perceived as a bigger player. THere’s no way Maggie is going to go into next week with James and Kaysar still playing, that was the whole point of her nominations. Likewise for James, if he wins, he should take himself off. So she might put up Sarah…who do you think they’ll vote off? There’s a revenge factor with Kaysar, and Maggie has to know that she can control Sarah at this point. So in the end, if either guy wins the veto, he needs to take himself off and ensure that his team stays in tact.

If the veto is not used, it will be interesting. I think James will go home for 3 reasons: 1) he is seen as the bigger liar, 2) he is still eligible for the million, and 3) his exit would leave a very scared (and convincable) Sarah in the house. April, Maggie, and Jennifer could spend all week cozying up to her so that when James goes, it will be the first place she runs to.

PB&J pass is a good idea. Won’t add alot to the game, but will definitely be a neat twist

I cant believe that Howie and Rachel took that “deal” from Maggie in the HoH room. Only because it wasnt a deal at all! At the end of the convo she said “OK, well if your keys are in the box, then we have a deal.” HELLOOO!! The whole point of making the deal is to be assured that your keys won’t be in the box. That would be the equivalent of me making a deal with my boss that if i don’t get let go in the next round of layoffs, I will give him an A+ recommendation, and then him saying, “ok, well if you’re not laid off after tomorrow, we have a deal.” No, the whole point of the deal is that i want safety assured to me now. Minor detail, maybe. But the fact that Howie and Rachel didnt even question that, tells me that they might not be cunning enough to make it to the end in the game. Or maybe they just realized that they were safe anyway, so why not play dumb.

Ivette is quickly becoming the most annoying BB player ever to me. I can’t stand the way she talks about Cappy as if she would give her life for him. She knew the guy for a couple weeks under the pretenses of a reality game show. I’m not questioning their friendship, whcih i’m sure is strong, but my goodness. It’s as if the angel Gabriel was just voted out of the house or something.

Howie has a serious hormone issue. Funny how Michael was tagged as a sexual predator, but Howie’s behavior is seen as “cute”. i bet he goes too far at some point and it causes a stir.

I always love when BB sequesters each house guest and offers them money for a week of PB&J for the group. I hope they do that again this year.

if James goes this week, the two main targets on each side will be Kaysar and Janelle on the ‘good guys’ and Maggie and Ivette on the ‘bad guys’. It will be interesting to see if some of the wishy-washy players like Rachel, Howie, or Sarah win. I do think that Howie will continue to throw every competition as long as he can to keep flying under the radar. Its a good strategy he’s got going too. It will be fun to see him flip the switch and get nasty when his time comes, because i definitely think he has it in him.

veto partner pikcs. my prediction: Maggie chooses Ivette, James chooses Howie, Kaysar chooses Janelle.