-the afternoon cup of coffee is becoming a staple for me, and frankly, i dont know how i feel about it. It seems i am about to about 8-10 cups a week on average. I really never wanted to go above 5. oh well, it’s better than smoking i s’pose.

-i have a knot in my upper back on the right side that is absolutely killing me today. my right shoulder area just hasnt felt right all softball season, to be honest. it hasnt affected my velocity on throws across the diamond, but on off days, and when i start warming up, it just doesnt feel right. Too bad our church team doesn’t have a trainer.

-So the NBA is going to have an age limit? I think I’m ok with it. Sure, it will screw a few guys here in the next couple of years. But the kids just coming into high school now will be adjusted to it when they graduate and going to college will be THE thing to do. Maybe that will force some of them to push a little harder in their studies, and that would be a good thing. It will also infuse a little bit more talent into the college game (even if these players will only stay in school for a year), so i think the college game will benefit as well. So yeah, bottom line is that i don’t really care too much, but if forced to weigh in, it’s ok with me.

-I recently caved in and got a McD’s breakfast on my way in to work. I try to limit that to once a month or so. Funny thing was, as i was waiting for my food, the late-forties manager lady started giving some attitude to the mid-twenties drive-thru guy, who happened to be mexican. He rude way of asking him to try and keep the pace quick was “Senorrrrr, Mucho Rapido Please!!”. I found it very rude, and extremely funny. which makes me a bad person i think.

-Hey Curt Schilling! Chill. Just wait until after the break. There’s no rush brother, no rush.

-Hey Georgey-Porgey! Panic. Your team is old and struggling to win series against teams like Tampa and KC. Make some more irrational moves, we love those. I hear Raul Mondesi is unhappy in Atlanta.

-Would you think less of me to know i eat Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli? Right out of the can? And enjoy it?

-That video of Tom Cruise getting water in his face has been cracking me up all day at work just thinking about it. If you can’t find it, i can point you in the right direction.

-mini-golfing with the fam tonight. should be alot of fun. for kylie and parker it will probably be more like mini-hockey. Erica has beaten me before, but i smoked her the last time out. Look for more of the same tonight if we keep score.

-for the record, i dont really like the layout of this blog. Every blog i visit, i like better. The menu should be on the right, and i have to put different pictures up, if any. And the header sucks too. The colors suck. The font sucks. I pretty much hate all of it. But sense i was the one who did it, i’m to blame. Someone find me a nice layout that i can steal.

-Currently Reading: nothing.

s’all for now…