trying to clear the clutter

-my desk looks like my brain feels right now…cluttered. Not sure why, really, but it is what it is. i could use a 60-minute shoulder rub, some George Winston playing in the background, and a colostomy. ok, just kidding about the colostomy.

-So John Madden is moving to NBC Sunday Night Football in 2006? that’s fine with me for 3 reasons

1) I cant stand Patrick, Theissman, and McGuire on ESPN Sunday Nights. They are just brutal.
2) I don’t really care for John Madden, and the Sunday Night game is the one i most often miss, so that’s fine.
3) I do like Al Michaels, so I’d love to see him paired up with somebody better than Madden. Stick Tony Kornheiser in the booth with him. I’d be all over that. Then put Tom Jackson or Daryl Johnson in the booth with him as the color guy.

As far as who to team Madden up with, I don’t care. Put Marv Alberts on football games, that would be fun.

-CBS’s new reality show Fire Me, Please is pretty funny. 2 contestants go head to head, trying to get fired from a different job the closest to 3pm without going over. Winner gets $25,000. Apparently the store owners are in on the gig, but the managers that are working don’t have a clue. It’s amazing what you have to do to get fired no your first day on the job. The higlight of last night’s episode for me was the girl at the copier store. She was making a few dozen copies and would say the word “copy” every time one came out (roughly every second). after about 20 times, her annoyed co-workers finally told her to can it. She then proceeded to lay on the floor and sing a song about how boring the job was. very enjoyable, light viewing.

-i’m picking up steaks for dinner tonight so I’m leaving work now. If you’ve never had it before, or even if you have, i highly recommend Montreal Steak Seasoning. It gives your meat a nice peppery kick. Especially good for folks like me who hate A1 Sauce. That stuff is nasty.