i don't think it's playable

-finally got off the shnide in softball this weekend. Of course it took me until the 9th game of our 22-game season. I went 3-4 with 4 ribbies, including a 2-run jack. That felt good. It felt even better to win 16-7, upping our record to an abysmal 2-7. still having fun though.

-Danny Nguyen’s win at the San Jose WPT event was ridiculous. He caught more gold on the River than a 49er in the old west. But hey, that’s what makes poker such a heartless and intriguing game. My boy Gus busted out in 3rd place, but hey he can’t win em all.

-i’m really looking forward to seeing Caedmon’s at Creation this year. It will be the 8th anniversary of me meeting Erica and of me seeing CC for the first time. That farm in the middle of nowhere is a pretty special place to me, and i always love going back.