if you have poo…

-Gus Hansen’s win at the World Poker Tour’s event in L.A. was incredible. The guy will play anything. He saw more flops than Spurs fans watching Manu Ginobili this season. Playing so many hands so aggressively is a great way to play because a) playing aggressive is the only way to win No-Limit Hold ’em and b) it makes you completely unpredictable. If you know that guy will raise pre-flop with A-9 offsuit, that’s one thing. But to know that he’s just as likely to raise with 9-6? It makes it impossible to put him on a hand. And when flops like 6-9-5 come out, he might have just made 2-pairs….or he might have nothing. You never know. When it got down to him and Daniel Rentzer heads up, Daniel had the better hand 75% of the time it seemed. And yet Gus outlasted him to win the half-mil.

-I’m still excited about that first season of LOST. It was phenomenal. The DVDs come out September 6th, 2 weeks prior to the start of Season 2. Take my advice. Spend the $40 on Season 1, watch 2 episodes a night (which wont be a problem once you get hooked), and then jump into Season 2 on September 22nd with the rest of us. I mean, the show’s creators even created a fake website (www.oceanic-air.com) with hidden tidbits about the show just to keep people stoked. the whole thing is brilliance. bravo, JJ Abrams.

-Mae’s The Everglow is still getting a majority of the spins in my CD player. Coldplay’s X&Y will likely get a turn when i get paid next week.

-i lost my cellphone, so if I’m not answering your calls, that’s why. I should be getting a replacement tomorrow, and then ridding myself of T-Mobile by August. I also lost all of my contact numbers too, so if you know anyone’s cellphone number, i’ll take it.

-if my credit card payment is due on the 11th, and it is guaranteed to arrive at the mailing address by noon on the 10th, is there a chance it will still be late? i hope not, because if it is, i will be ripping someone at Chase a new fibercon.

-T.O. is foolish. The best move he could make right now is to apologize to the fans and show up at passing camp. The fans would forgive him, and we could move on. The Eagles will not budge, not even for a second did they even consider it. And the fans here are pretty ticked off at T.O. and are ready to dump him. In this town, when Andy Reid makes the kool-aid, they drink it. And right now Andy is saying that they’ll be fine without him. So guess what, the fans are packed on the bandwagon. With no love coming from the Eagles, the iconic talk radio hosts in the city, or the fans, and with absolutely no leverage whatsoever, T.O.’s stubbornness is downright idotic.

Madagascar was decent. A few pretty good laughs. Not as good as Monster’s Inc., Ice Age, or the Toy Story flicks, but the kids enjoyed it. The penguins definitely delivered the best performances of the movie, but my favorite line went to the monkey who said, “If you have poo, fling it now.” that was comedy.

-my sis got married on memorial day. it was wonderful. I’ll be posting a full CROME rating report next week. For some pics, check out bryanallain.com.

-stock up: yogurt, The Scholar on ABC, the weather, and strawberries

-stock down: softball, the NBA, and Chinese resaurants with no generator in case of power loss.

s’all for now i s’pose.