LOST: my season-finale prediction

i dont keep up on the gossip and rumors, but my guess for what happens in the season finale is this: Jin dies.

here’s why:

1 – he doesnt speak English (yet…that might be a secret he is hiding like his wife was), so without any speaking parts, he is one of the most boring characters on the island. they already played out the racial fued with Michael and the conflict with his english-speaking wife. what’s left to discover about him? like i said, maybe he speaks english too, but i doubt it.

2 – His wife is a much more interesting character, and lets face it, this experience for her is all about being on her own and discovering who she is without Jin. she was trying to escape him in the first place, so i think this experience for her will be about finding herself and some such truck.

3 – the penultimate episode of the season set us up for it. Jin and his lady apologized, they sucked face, and i think if Jin dies his chica will be at peace in some sense because of how they departed. His apology and display of love and emotion was more than she had gotten from him in years, their relationship will have ended on a good note.

4- they can’t kill Locke, they are not that crazy. He is the Dylan McKay to Jack’s Brandon Walsh. Would it surprise people? of course, but i think they would lose more than they gain by getting rid of him. i also dont think they’ll kill walt or the baby because there are too many mysteries left surrounding both of them.

who else might die?

Sawyer – i doubt it. i love the attraction between him and Kate and what that does to Jack. He is an important part of the show’s dynamics. The only reason i might be convinced that he was going to die was that he was holding the secret about Jack’s late father’s remorse. And now that he told Jack that secret, maybe he is expendable.

Hurley – they have to keep him around just because of his connection to “the numbers”. plus he’s a funny guy, one of my favorites.

other thoughts:

I dont know what the significance of the “Black Rock” ship was, but it didnt really excite me as much as the hatch does. Is the island haunted by pirate ghosts? that would suck.

how do you think they tried to cast the role of Diane when they put an ad in the paper? “Looking for the freakiest woman of all time. Must be able to hold a look on your face like you are confused, psychotic, desperate, agitated, and ready wrestle a boar or eat another human at any time.” She scares me.

The person i really want to know more about is Walt. The whole “animals die around him” thing is intriguing, and his concern about the hatch (which he learned about just by touching Locke) was chilling.

looking forward to tonight…