plugs, poker, and plumbers

if you want to read an interesting blog, may i suggest Andy Osenga’s. he has been updating it frequently, with good rants on guitar gear, church hopping, and Oprah being full of crap.

Andy’s Blog

my Jetta just got inspected, emissions and all, plus work to replace a bad cam position center, spark plugs, and spark plug wires. can you say $590 that i didnt want to spend on my car?

oh, and my Odyssey just got body work done from the 3 times i have backed up into something and the two times we have driven into the garage door trim while pulling in. can you say $1163? thankfully we had saved for that.

in a related story, my savings account now has -$61 in it.

so my sis is getting married on memorial day, and we put together a honey-do list for me of things to take care of while we were on vacation. She’s getting married at the park near my house, by the way, right in the middle of Intercourse. It was my idea, kind of. I think its brilliant. The punch lines are endless. Anywho, here’s the status of the honey-do list at this point.

  • Mulch – check
  • call lawn guy because weeds are out of control – check
  • dig up crooked tree – check
  • declaw our cat – check (note: we actually got the doctor’s to do this for us)
  • get plumber in to fix outside faucet and possessed toilet that sounds like chewbacca every other flush – check
  • a person from checkoslovakia is called a – check (one of my faves from ‘cat in the hat – mike myers edition’)
  • upload and order pictures for our new wall frames – check
  • take ugly bags of lime off of basketball hoop and get sand for base – not checked
  • get dining room table – see above car issues
  • get father-in-law to build a deck – working on it (no really, i am)
  • tonight, i help erica prepare for saturday’s yard sale.

    friday night, doubleheader in softball (and i kick my own butt for missing derek and sandra)

    saturday night, first ever hosted poker tourney

    time to go home…