i feel like a woman

Have you seen the Chevy commercial with the Pickup Truck full of 5 ethnically diverse guys off-roading through a desert? The goofy white guy in the back seat is singing along to Shania Twain’s “Man I Feel Like a Woman” while everyone else in the car offers snide looks and disgust at the fact that he not only knows all the words, but that he is getting a little too into it. The commercial wants you to sympathize with these riders and give your own dirty looks to the confused crooner, but I’m not buying it. To me, he’s the last person at fault in this situation. First off, the guy driving the car is the guy who should be smacked. It’s his car, he shouldn’t have Shania Twain on. I don’t care if its a CD or the Radio, turn it off. Likewise, the guy riding shotgun has an obligation to take over the stereo in situations like this. It’s part of your responsibilities as a shotgun rider. And thirdly, the fellow backseat passengers, if they were real friends, would smack this guy on the arm and tell him to knock it off because he is making a jackdonkey of himself. So basically I walk away from this commercial feeling bad for the guy singing Shania Twain because he has lousy friends.