i was thinking the other day of a few things that were overrated and underrated in our society these days. thought i’d share:

overrated: toothpicks, underrated: paperclips

overrated: TV, underrated: reading

overrated: Wet-Erase Boards, underrated: Dry Erase Boards

overrated: Wheaties, Underrated: Cheerios

overrated: Apple Juice, underrated: Pineapple Juice

overrated: rocking chairs, underrated: ottomans

overrated: birthday parties, underrated: super bowl parties

overrated: 3-way calling, underrated: caller ID

overrated: dimes, underrated: pennies

overrated: hair gel, underrated: hair wax

overrated: ESPN2, underrated: ESPNews

overrated: cashews, underrated: almonds