bloody the bully

i dont know what to write so i wont make this long. it just feels better than i ever thought it would to take down the yankees. That was not just for us, that was for the 1978 fans, the 1999 fans, and the 2003 fans. That was for every Red Sox fan who watched a game played in yankee stadium and had to endure all the signs about the curse and all the ribbing from yankee fans they know. the bully had us down again, bleeding from the lip, ready to steal our lunch money like he does every time. but we fought back. we fought back like no other person has ever before. and we took down the bully. and things will never be the same. even if the bully beats us up somewhere down the road, in the back of his mind he’ll never forget what it felt like to get knocked out by the little scrawny kid he used to intimidate. It’s all different now.

If we don’t win the world series, I’m sure we’ll still see posters about the Curse in yankee stadium next year. So while i dont believe in curses, the only way it will die in the minds of the people is if we win. If we do win, yankee fans will be reduced to pathetic signs like “26-1, is that what you’re proud of?” or “only 25 more to catch up”. i will see those signs and laugh. ha freaking ha. we beat you. we beat you worse than any team has ever beaten you before. it still feels good.

one thing i know for sure. the first time the yankees and red sox meet in 2005, you will hear the loudest “who’s your daddy?” chant you have ever heard in your life.

go sox.