10 random things

10 thoughts that needed out of my head…

1 – i was at a McDonald’s getting a mcmuffin and a coffee this morning (i ran 1.5 this morning, so i’m allowed) and as I’m pulling out of the lot, a commercial for McD’s comes on and the lady says, “you know there’s a McDonald’s on your way to work…” and it made me really angry. Because a) i had just got suckered into buying their food, now she was taunting me and b) there probably is a McDonald’s on 50% of america’s way to work, which is just frightening.

2- i went 12-4 against the spread with my picks this week. not bad for week 1. Straight up i was 14-2, which was good enough to help me win the Office Pool at work. not a bad return, $82, on my $2 investment. plus for a day or two i am a celebrity here.

3 – Italian sausage is highly underrated.

4 – The Crocodile Hunter is pretty much over now isn’t he? I mean, he did his thing, we enjoyed it, and now we’re ready to move on. The way i see it, he can go two ways with this. Fade into oblivion and be remembered as a fad and a nutjob. Or get mauled by an alligator and die and forever be remembered as a TV Icon. Not that i want him to die or anything, I just wanted to make sure he knew what his options were.

5 – How is Becker in syndication? Does anyone watch it? How many things can Ted Danson get angry about? Why am I even thinking about Becker?

6 – Just once I’d like to hear a band say “You know, we’re really not that excited about this new record. The last couple we did were much better. We feel like we’ve totally lost our sound on this one. We’ve all been really immature musically lately and it shines through. We’re already looking forward to going into the studio again to see if we can do better.”

7 – the difference between being a big company and not being a big company is your phone extension. 4 digits means your a major player. 3 digits means your small potatoes. the worst is when employees dont even have extensions and you have to go through the secretary at the front desk. I’d rather deep fry my hand than deal with that.

8 – Bill Gates is right. We should charge a penny per email. I wouldnt mind paying $1 a month for email usage if it meant that Maktar Jensenn would be charged $1000 every time he wanted to spam the world with “300+ pharmaceuticals shipped overnight” or “you have to check these girls out!”. Junk Mail isnt free. Telemarketing isnt free. Spamming shouldnt be either.

9 – We can land a rover on Mars and yet my cellphone signal drops out on me in two different place on my 19-mile drive from home to work? can someone please explain this to me?

10 – To say that I am excited about the Red Sox – Yankers series this weekend is to say that Kobe was mildy relieved to hear that criminal charges were being dropped against him. There’s a better chance of Joe Torre using Tanyon Sturtze to close a game in the playoffs then there is of me missing any of the televised action this weekend…

that is all…