to blog or not to blog

well lately i’ve been getting the urge to blog. i suppose we all get that urge to journal now and then. so i guess i’m gonna run with it. in the past i’ve only used this space for my inane rants, but seeing as though those things only come to me now and again, i’ll use this space for other stuff.

one thing i will be doing here is my NFL picks each week. I love the NFL. I even have the Sunday Ticket this year to enjoy as many games as my marriage can handle. good times. i love handicapping NFL games as well. Analyzing the trends, reading up on the teams, going with your gut…filling your gut with junk food every sunday afternoon… it doesnt get any better. in 2002 i joined a 35-man picks league my dad helps run and tied for first. last year i didnt do so hot. this year i am out to reclaim what was once mine. a size 33 waist. and another GAMP Picks league title.

so even though very few will read this space, and of those few, even less care about my NFL picks, i will still publish them. in the end I’ll either look smart, or like an idiot.

beyond the NFL picks and the occasional rambling i will promise nothing for this blog. the lower the expectations, the better off we all will be in the end.