My New Free eBook: 27 Tips, Tricks, and Busted Myths

Tyler Stanton and I recently realized there were no humorous eBooks out there about travel hacking and credit cards, so we wrote our own.

It’s called 27 Tips, Tricks, and Busted Myths about Credit Cards and Travel Hacking and it features everything you’d expect in a travel hacking eBook, plus thoughts on deodorant, severed goat heads, conversion units, mall kiosks, littering, lotion, and much more.

It’s a free PDF, only available at

What are people saying?

“Of the 27, you’ll really enjoy at least six of them. Wait, make that seven…I just remembered the one about lotion.” – Neil, a satisfied customer

“I just read this FREE ebook from the great Bryan Allain and the equally great Tyler Stanton…These guys are really funny, I mean it.” – Andi Cumbo-Floyd, our new favorite person

“You’re fired!” – Donald Trump

Download your free copy here, and try not to enjoy it too much.