Traveling For Next to Nothing

Last August my friend Tyler Stanton and I took our lovely wives to Vegas for 3 days.

The airfare (Southwest) and hotel rooms (MGM Signature Towers) were paid for completely in points. (There were some taxes – $10 for flights, a little more for rooms – but it was basically free.)

This is just one of a handful of trips we’ve taken on points and miles, and like the rest of them, it was amazing.

Interested in being able to do this too? Of course you are! Taking trips with the people you love is something you gotta do every once in a while, but dang it can be expensive.

But here’s the thing: we’re just normal guys who have made a few small changes to how we do things, and as a result we are able to take advantage of a miles/points system that is ripe for the picking.

We’re building a course to help a lot of other people finally figure this out too, if you’re interested in hearing about it when it launches, sign up here.

Yeah, I’d like to hear more info about this course you guys will be launching!

Happy Traveling!

PS…my other trips involve a family vacation to Florida, airfare to Cancun for my wife and I, airfare to Atlanta, and an upcoming trip to the West Coast, but I’ll tell you more about them at a later time.