BASIC Email Update 03

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February 1, 2014

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update to tell you about 3 things because it’s been a couple weeks, which is way too long.

I wanted to get this out tonight because Erica and I are leaving for Cancun early Monday morning (ahead of 3″- 6″ of snow) for a week of vacation sans kiddos! Please don’t hate me for it. (I’ll even give you a video I’ve promised you at the end of this email so you won’t hate me.)

1. In my last email I explained some of what I planned on doing with Season 2 of the Weekly Schnoz. In case you missed it, Episode #1 of the season went live yesterday. You can watch it here: Weekly Schnoz – S2E1

Writing/recording/editing/posting these WS videos is very strange and unlike anything I’ve ever done before and here’s why: The ONLY reason I’m doing it is because I love to do it. Nobody is paying me to do it. Nobody is expecting me to do it. And the truth is, very few people even pay attention when I put these out. It really is a labor of love. Even if they’re not very entertaining at this point, I just love doing them.

Now, hopefully I’m getting better and funnier and all that. And hopefully more and more people will see them. And I certainly like the fact that with each one I do I am getting more time in front of the camera and more time writing jokes and being creative. But at the end of the day, it just feels really good to create something that is all me and put it out there. I hope it makes you chuckle at least once.

2. I have two episodes of my podcast recorded, but I have decided to wait until I get back from vacation to release episode 1. So look for that on or around February 11th.

I really like how they’ve been going so far. They have been a lot of fun to record and I think we’re off to a great start. Can’t wait for you to hear them.

3. I’ve promised you this for over a month now, so I guess it’s time to deliver. In a second I’ll give you the link to my full 3-minute set from my first comedy open mic.

I wrote all about this in October. If you missed that, you can go read it before watching the clip…or not. (7 Things I Learned At My First Open Mic)

Cliff Notes version: I showed up with a seven-minute chunk of material and I got the “wrap it up” warning light two minutes into my set. I kind of freaked out and tried desperately to get to the end of my set so it could come full circle with my closing joke, but I got the horn before I could finish and that was that. Also, I was nervous at the beginning and wasn’t super smooth.

So yeah, here’s the clip. Please don’t share the link or post anywhere as I’d like this to just stay inside this community for now:

Lizard Lounge Open Mic, 10/21/13

If you have a question or thought or whatever, just leave a comment. I’d be honored to respond.

Thanks so much for reading and being a part of this journey. More coming soon…