The Killer Tribes 2013 Sponsors

Looking back over what a success the 2013 Killer Tribes Conference was, just wanted to say a quick thank you again to the amazing sponsors we had for the event.

(you can click their logos to learn more.)

The Mocha Club

Mobilizing folks to give up a few mochas a month to support strategic and solution-oriented relief and development projects in Africa. Don’t miss what they are doing with their Purpose Projects!

Justin McClure Creative

A full service creative agency specializing in digital and new media technologies. Hands down, the best experience I’ve ever had working with a design firm.

The Seed Company

Devoted to accelerating the translation of the Bible by working with local churches and translators all over the world. If you were at the conference, you heard Amy Lynn Andrews tell an incredibly moving story about the role The Seed Company is playing in her life.

Love and Respect Now

Bringing the message of Love and Respect in relationships to 18-35 year olds. Be on the lookout for their Illumination Project, which launches this Spring. (Fearlessly led by Joy Eggerichs, one of the funniest people I know.)

Haven’t picked up your copy of the audio from the 2013 Conference? Grab it today!