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1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 1 part nyquil…it’s Monday Soup on a Tuesday!

+ My humor book, Actually, Clams Are Miserablereleases in paperback one week from today! If you’d like to review a digital version of the book, check out Story Cartel.

+ Speaking of the book, I’ll be selling some great package deals on it. You’ll be able to get a copy for yourself and also knock an item or two off of your Christmas lists. Double win!

+ My friend Jeff Goins interviewed Tim FerrissLoved it.

+ The NFC Playoff picture is fascinating. Not even the Falcons and their 9-1 record are assured of anything. (I think the Falcons will make the playoffs, but with two games against the hot Bucs plus games against the Saints, Giants, and Lions, anything is possible.) The last two weeks of the season should be amazing.

+ The AFC is the exact opposite, but that last wild card spot could be fun. I think Pittsburgh, Indy, and Cincinnati will be fighting for those two wild cards when it’s all said and done.

+ I’m not a big college football guy, but I’m pretty geeked up for USC-ND on Saturday night. I’ll be rooting for Notre Dame because I want to see them in the National Title game against an SEC team. Let’s see if the SEC really is head and shoulders above everyone else.

+ Finally, here’s my buddy Jon doing his bit on DVS (Deep V-Neck Syndrome). The “pit viper” line cracks me up every time.

Have a great holiday week! 


  • Austin Gilly

    Nov 20, 2012


    I’m not a huge CFB guy either. The NFL picture really has me captivated, though. The parity in the league makes it so much more interesting.

  • Lazarus

    Nov 20, 2012


    Notre Dame is a joke. Would come in 3rd, maybe 4th in the SEC West.

  • Waltestids

    Dec 18, 2015


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  • Michdrore

    Jan 03, 2016


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  • Georknops

    Jan 03, 2016


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  • NathNeego

    Jan 03, 2016


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  • MelvBido

    Jan 04, 2016


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  • BrenBymn

    Jan 08, 2016


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