Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 11 parts river water…it’s Monday Soup!

+ After months of staring at it on my to-do list, I finally updated my speaking pageIt now features my Top 5 Most Popular talks, the 5 promises I make for every speaking event, quotes about how I bring it from folks who run conferences, and more.

Now that I’ve transitioned away from the day job, I definitely have more flexibility in my schedule. If you’re interested in potentially bringing me in to speak on humor, faith, or social media to your church, organization, youth group, college group, or men’s group, check out the messages I have and shoot over an email with more info to

Would LOVE to partner up with some of you and bring an amazing experience to the folks in your circle.

+ Huge props to my amazing wife Erica on completing her 3rd marathon yesterday! She (and her friend Kandace) ran the Harrisburg Marathon yesterday in just over 4 hours, which is a ridiculous 9:15-ish pace. (Also…nice photobomb, Nate.)

I’m so proud of her…and so proud of myself for never getting sucked into the horror that is running a marathon. So grueling and long and awful.

But yeah, she’s amazing. Congrats, love!

+ Got a chance to walk around the Lancaster Bible College campus a couple weeks ago…pretty cool place. It’s only twenty minutes from my house but I don’t think I had been there since a Caedmon’s Call show over ten years ago. No matter how big or small I always love the energy of walking around a college campus.

+ I’m launching an online blogging course in January based around my 31 Days to Mojo book. If you’re even remotely interested, check this it out for more details and a discount.

+ I was interviewed about writing, passion, and community at last week.

+ Have you check out the new yet? Last week we gave away 10 calendars and I shared how I came up with the title for my first book.

+ Craziest thing I’ve read all month? NBA Referee Joey Crawford once signalled for a technical foul so hard, he broke his finger.

Let’s all have a great week! (and hit me up about speaking at your next gig!)