Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 6 parts trasmission fluid…it’s Monday Soup!

+ My friend Jason Rising is on the scene in Staten Island this morning picking up where he left off last week. I talked to him at church for a few minutes yesterday and couldn’t believe the devastation he was describing there. His organization, FFEA, is there right now (he left PA this morning at 6am to go back). They are helping to get Oasis Christian Center back up and running so they can then serve everyone in their community.

There are a lot of ways to give to support disaster relief from Superstorm Sandy, and giving to FFEA is a great option. Check out their website (FFEA.TV), updated this morning, with the exact supplies your donations will go towards. There is a paypal donation button there so you can give. You will be helping a small team directly impact a local church and it’s surrounding community.

+ Thanks to everyone who downloaded (and helped promote) Community Wins! I’ll be going into more detail on how the promotion went over at later in the week, but I will tell you that I gave away 8500 in 5 days, which was amazing! It’s on sale now at Amazon for $4.99: Community Wins.

+ Simon Rich is one of my favorite writers of all time. His two books, Ant Farm and Free Range Chickens, are some of my all-time favorites. Found this short piece on Alex Trebec from a couple years ago this weekend and chuckled the whole way through it. (He used to write for SNL, rumor has it he writes for Pixar now.)

+ All I’ll say about the election is this: I’ve got friends on both sides of the aisle – people I respect and trust – who are convinced their guy is going to win. It’s fascinating to me. If you follow Nate Silver at 538, you know he is predicting an easy Obama win, despite recent news that national polls are pretty much even at 49% -49%.

Silver has the electoral college in favor of Obama at 307-231 right now. In 2008 his prediction of a 349-189 Obama win was pretty close (final tally was 365-173). Not sure what I think is going to happen, but I’ll be tuned in to watch the returns come in.

+ My Twitter account was hacked last week, and boy did that suck. They changed the username, email, and password on the account so I couldn’t get into it. In terms of identity theft, it’s pretty minor, but there’s something awful about having your voice taken from you. I didn’t know if they would start posting spam from me (they didn’t) or if they’d delete the account (they didn’t).

Props to the Twitter team for responding within a few hours and giving me access to the account again!

+ You can get the audio from the 2012 Killer Tribes Conference for just $29 right now! Over 4.5 hours of amazing audio, nine talks in all, for your listening enjoyment and inspiration. And the bonus package is an even better deal: The 2012 Killer Tribes Conference Audio.

+ Finally, some of my Killer Tribes Community members have been crushing it lately: Andi Cumbo is starting a new project called The God’s Whisper Manifesto, Chad Jones shared a piece of his no holds barred memoir in progress, Jim Woods is starting a writing revolution by encouraging writers to write about the things they really want to write about, Scott Kerzner is living so frugally he was mistaken for a hobo, and Marlee Ward shared some amazing Facebook marketing tips.

Have a great week!