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1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 3 parts peach nectar…it’s Monday Soup on a Wednesday!

+ Parker and I woke up at 4am on Sunday morning to watch the orionid meteor shower. Last year we saw 16 shooting stars in 30 minutes, this year we saw 10 in about 25 minutes, including an amazing one that screamed right through Orion with a bright trail. We were cold and tired as we lay out there on our deck, but it has turned into a fun bonding tradition for us.

+ On Monday I wrote about how close we came to the tornado on Friday night. This picture from Tuesday’s paper shows how close our house came to being hit!

Even though the tornado never touched down again after going through the park, I know the exact moment when that worst part of the storm came through.

We were all in the living room (again, we had no warning of the Tornado) and the doors and deck furniture shook like they never have before. I remember saying, “woah!”, and just like that it was back to being a normal storm.

If you want to read more about it, including how it came to be that no warnings were issued until it was almost too late, here’s a good write up.

+ How sweet it was to see the Yankees get swept in such a thorough way last week. They’ve got quite a mess on their hands with that A-Rod contract, and with CC Sabathia visiting Dr. James Andrews’ this week, who knows what else could go wrong for them. I’m rooting for the Tigers over the Giants, but I’m happy the Cards are out too.

+ As for the Red Sox, they’ve got their new manager in John Farrell. Great article by Gordon Edes on how ownership let GM Ben Cherington pick his guy, and how it has turned this into a do or die year for the 2nd year General Manager.

+ Remember when we joined with 29 other blogs to raise $13,000 for Charity: Water? Well, our well is built! It’s a hand-dug well in Maizibio Village in Ethiopia that is serving 250 people! Click the picture to go to the page where you can learn more and see other images.

+ I don’t watch much college football, but I can not take my eye off of Jadeveon Clowney when South Carolina’s defense is on the field. Dude is a man-beast. I don’t see any way he’s not the #1 pick in the 2014 draft (unless he doesn’t come out).

+ Advanced Review copies of Community Wins went out yesterday. If you signed up for one and didn’t get one yet, check your SPAM folder in case it was placed there accidentally.

+ Finally, loved this video from Coke and the new Bond movie, Skyfall. (h/t Ben Arment)

Let us know what’s new in your world in the comments.

Have a great week!


  • Lazarus

    Oct 24, 2012


    My wife just returned from Haiti with some awful stories about the stranglehold that voodoo and witch doctors have on people in the rural areas.

    Somehow, I was able to survive the 8 days without her, shuttling my 2 kids all over creation. Made me appreciate her even more than I did, which was already a lot, you judgmental folks.

    And, I have truly arrived. Jon Acuff commented on my blog. I am not sure he read it, but he posted a comment on there.

  • Vinckeenny

    Dec 24, 2015


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  • WillGordam

    Jan 07, 2016


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