Caption Please: Catalyst Emcee Edition

Forgot to put this pic in my Catalyst recap last week, but it probably deserved its own post anyway.

That’s Tyler on the left and Tripp on the right. Please, someone, for the love of all that is good and true, tell us what’s going on here.

Caption Please!

7 thoughts on “Caption Please: Catalyst Emcee Edition”

  1. Tyler: When I drive, I keep my hands at 9 and 3. Always. 10 and 2 is old news. 9 and 3 is here to stay.

    Tripp: Not me. I keep one hand on the wheel; no more, no less. That frees up my left hand for holding beverages and making rude gestures.

  2. I don’t know what they are saying, but the facial expressions are funnier than whatever their weird, ghost-coffee-holding hands are doing.

    Is Tripp sitting on a unrinal?

  3. Tripp: “And when he had a firm grip the doctor told me to turn my head and cough”
    Tyler: “Hmm, my doctor actually used both hands, should I be concerned?”

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