Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 29 parts grape Gatorade…it’s Monday Soup!

+ I’m two months in to my new life working out of my home full time on Killer Tribes and it’s going well. Is the honeymoon over? Yes. The first 4 weeks it felt like Christmas morning every weekday. I still love the work I am doing, and I still am excited come Monday morning, but the pressure of producing is starting to set it. And honestly, it’s a good pressure.

I’ve got some cool things in store for November and December that I have been working a ton on in October, excited to roll them out in the coming weeks. So for those who have asked me how it is going, the answer is: “I’m working hard, I love it, and I’m feeling the pressure of making it happen.” Stay tuned… 

+ ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ author files for Corporate Bankruptcy? That’s unfortunate.

+ I promised a release date for my book last week but I lied. I will announce it soon, and it will be in November. Working on some cool ideas for a launch…I’ll let you know more soon.

+ Do you need editing for a writing project? My friend Andi does amazing line editing as well as content editing for a very reasonable price. I used her for my latest project and was very happy with the results. Look her up on Twitter and connect with her if you’re interested: Andi Cumbo.

+ Thoughts from the football yesterday: Random Prediction: Jon Gruden will be coaching the Dallas Cowboys next year…Tony Siragusa adds absolutely nothing to the FOX broadcast with Kenny Albert and Moose Johnson. There’s a reason no other broadcast team has a second color man reporting from the end zone. Enough already…Is it me or have there been way less throwback uniforms this year? I love the throwbacks! Bring them back!…I knew there was a reason I overpaid for Aaron Rodgers in my Massachusetts Fantasy league auction this year, what a performance!

+ Another presidential debate tomorrow, another chance to remind you that they need to fix the issue of the candidate’s going over their allotted times. In case you missed it, here were my suggestions: 7 Ways to Fix the Debate Time Issue.

+ Thoughts from the baseball this weekend: As much as I hate the Yankees, sucked seeing Jeter go down like that. That being said, I love the swoon they are in right now. And the fact that they still owe A-Rod $114 MM over the next 5 years is delightful…Really hoping for a Giants-Tigers World Series, but the games are on so late I probably won’t watch more than a few innings…back to the Yankees, it’s nice to be able to enjoy someone else’s woes when your own team is so dreadful.

+ Ever see someone void out an offering check to a church because the drums were too loud? You have now.

+ Free shipping at this week! Love me some loose leaf tea. My favorites? Opus Rouge Rooibos, Youthberry White, and  Wild Orange Blossom Herbal.

Let us know what’s new in your world in the comments.

Have a great week!