The 1 Year Anniversary of 31 Days to Mojo

Exactly one year ago today I was sitting at the STORY Conference in Chicago refreshing my Amazon KDP page like a madman. My first eBook, 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo, had just been released and I couldn’t wait to see how many hundred people bought my book on Day 1.

As it turned out, zero hundred people bought the book. I think the final number on Day 1 was 73, which was pretty good, but not quite what I had expected.

Exactly 365 days later the book is still selling relatively strongly thanks to your positive reviews on Amazon and a little bit of word of mouth. As of this exact minute I’ve sold exactly 3064 copies of the book, which blows my mind. I still love getting positive feedback from new readers, and it makes me happy to think that I’m helping people become less frustrated bloggers.

To celebrate the 1-year Anniversary of the release I’m lowering the Kindle price of 31 Days to Mojo to just $2.99 for the rest of September!

Need more of a reason to buy it? Here are ten:

1. I put 30 of my best jokes between the chapters. Even if you hate blogging, you are still paying 10 cents a joke for 30 jokes.

2. You woke up with $3 under your pillow and couldn’t figure out how to spend it today.

3. You know a blogger who might enjoy the book. Gift it to them through Amazon. Super easy to do. (help here)

4. You don’t have a blog, but there’s a very small chance you might someday. Buy the book now, read it later.

5. You want to support my recent life transition but felt weird about showing up at my door to give me cash.

6. You bought the book as a PDF way back when, but now you want it for your Kindle.

7. You want revenge on the folks who wrote the scathing, awful 1-star reviews about the book.

8. You think it’s cool that my book is the #3 result on an Amazon search for blogging, but you want to help it be #1.

9. You like me.

10. You want to find your blogging mojo (probably the best reason).

And if you don’t want to buy the book, would you help me out by tweeting this?

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It’s the 1 Year Anniversary of Bryan Allain’s 31 Days to Mojo! Here are 10 ridiculous reasons to buy it this month (including how to get it on sale.)

Thanks for all your support with this book over the past year! It’s an honor to play even a small part in helping you find your voice and your tribe through your blog!

All the best, Bryan