Killer Tribes Conference Reviews

Hard to believe it’s been almost two months since the Killer Tribes Conference went down, but as I was looking through some photos this weekend I was reminded of what a great time it was. Still can’t believe so many of you made the trek out to Nashville for my first event!

You already know I had a great time putting the event on, but what did the attendees think? Here’s a quick trip around the interwebs to see what other folks thought of the event:

Thanks to PichaGlobal and Melissa Hillier for posting most of these photos.

Joseph Craven at The Greatest Blog of All Time:  “The Conference was wonderful. There were awesome people to hang out with, cool speakers, funny Tripp and Tyler moments…It was fascinating to finally meet all of the internet people I wanted to meet, and even more amazing that a few of you actually wanted to meet ME.”

Leigh Kramer at “Killer Tribes was easily the best conference I’ve ever attended…it was the perfect combination of content and connection.”

Dave Lukas at “…it was an absolutely amazing and life reaffirming experience! So much good energy, good people, good coffee, good conversation, and genuine connection that it was overwhelming at times. I would go again in a heartbeat!”

Caleb McNary at “If you are a blogger, please consider joining Killer Tribes, and attending the possible conference next year.”

Tamara Lunardo at “We had spent the night before in a clamorous coffee shop, moving beyond Twitter names and blog comments into real-life hugs and riotous laughter, and now we would spend the day in side-by-side seats, groups of friends long established, now expanding and enriching.”

Christine Niles at Christine shared amazing visual notes for almost all of the speakers here and here.

Clay Morgan at “SO much great info that I’m still absorbing and implementing into my future plans. SO many great people. Wish I could’ve met everyone there.”

Jessica Buttram at Meet the Buttrams: “Killer Tribes exceeded expectations. And my expectations were PRETTY astronomical.”

Sharideth Smith at “How awesome was your weekend?  yeah?  well, mine was awesomer.  unless you were at the Killer Tribes conference, too, then i guess it’s possible you had as much fun as i did.”

Tyler Stanton at “Beautiful city, great speakers, and I loved finally being able to meet some of the people that I’ve been interacting with online for the past few years.”

Reading those reviews again reminds me of how much fun the conference was. Excited at the possibility of doing it again next Spring! If you were there for the inaugural Killer Tribes Conference I hope you’re making plans to be there again next year. And if you weren’t able to make it, let’s get that straightened out for 2013!

In the meantime, keep on the lookout next month for more pictures from the conference as well as audio from the conference sessions.

Also, If you wrote about the conference but I missed it in this post, add your link in the comments section.