Hijacked Q&A: Michigan Newspapers

Welcome to Hijacked Q&A, a new series at Bryanallain.com where I answer real questions from real people posed to someone else. Like most things on this blog, there is no point.

The following questions were submitted to MLive.com’s Paul Keep. Paul is the executive editor of print for the MLive Media Group, responsible for overseeing the production of pages for eight Michigan newspapers.

But you’re not here for Paul’s answers, are you?

Let’s do this…


Q: “I watched the chairman of the Associated Press introduce President Obama and he unabashedly slobbered over him, which confirmed the biased articles about the President and not reporting with any objectivity. You need a better news service to provide unbiased articles.”

A: We will look for a news service who’s chairman would excoriate and embarrass the President during his introduction. Not sure what we were thinking by using those hacks at the AP.

Q: “I would appreciate consistent location of the weather information in the delivered Flint Journal.”

A: 1997 called and they want their problems back.

Q: “What percentage of the front section is articles and what is ads? My guess is 10 percent articles and 90 percent ads.”

A: Thank you for your passive-aggressive wording of the real question you wanted to ask, which is, “How can you live with yourself for putting out a newspaper that contains so many advertisements and so little content in the first section? They ought to burn you at the stake with a fire fueled by the grease from your money-grubbing paws and the shredded copies of your glorified sales catalog!”

Q: “When we head for the movies every Saturday, we have to dig out Thursday’s paper for the movie ads and it would be really helpful to know what the movies are about!”

A: A few thoughts:

1. Where are you burying Thursday’s paper that two days later in needs to be “dug out”?

2. If you head out to the movies EVERY Saturday, perhaps you could show some foresight and take a peek at the movie ads on Thursday before you start digging a hole for it?

3. You might want to consider an up and coming technology called ‘the internet’, which would have all the info on movies you’d like to see. Just a thought.

Q: “Just wanted to thank you for the great NASCAR coverage. We very much appreciate it.”

A: And who said NASCAR fans didn’t have any manners!


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