5 Random Things

Literally, the first 5 things at the top of my brain…

1. I hope Tiger is in contention on Sunday at Augusta. I’m a casual golf fan, but man, few things are more fun than a star-filled back nine on Sunday at the Masters.

2. Paid $3.93 for gas this morning. I drive 72 miles a day round trip to work in a car that gets 28 mpg. So if you’re scoring at home, I pay $10.11 in gas just to commute every day. I swear I remember paying $0.89/gallon back in 2000 but I have to be making that up, right?

3. I have no idea what I’m wearing on Easter Sunday and I am okay with that.

4. Tough Red Sox loss in the opener yesterday, but at least they didn’t get shut out. Love the fact that baseball is back.

5. If you’re one of those new instagram users on Android you can find me at username “bryanallain”.

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