Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 64 parts brackets.

+ Knox McCoy and Tyler Stanton unleashed TV Asylum on the world last week. Make sure you check it out.

+ The Top 5 Reasons that putting on this Killer Tribes Event (now just 19 days away!) feels a lot like a wedding.

  1. There’s a ton of planning that goes into it.
  2. The event itself is here and gone in a weekend.
  3. I’m just as excited about the people that will be there as I am about the event itself.
  4. The meetup the night before is sort of like a rehearsal dinner.
  5. My wife and I will make out a lot after it’s done.

+ If you’re a business or church within driving distance of Nashville that’s interested in taking more than a few people to Killer Tribes, shoot me an email for a deal too good for me to give away on my blog. (bryan-at-killertribesDOTcom)

+ My friend Jake, the biggest Broncos fan (and Tebow fan) I know, is excited about the possibility of seeing Peyton Manning suit up in orange and blue next year. Sounds like it will either be the Broncos, Cardinals, or Dolphins. As someone with no vested interest in the situation, I’d like to see him go to the Broncos or Dolphins. It would be fascinating to see Denver deal with having Manning and Tebow on the roster. It would also be fascinating to see the Broncos trade Tebow to the Jaguars where he could single-handedly sell out that North Florida stadium eight times a year. As for going to Miami, I’d love to see him battle Brady and punk Sanchez twice a year.

+ This is pretty great. (h/t Tyler Stanton). I might actually give it a try.

+ One of the ways I can measure change in my life is how I approach the NCAA Tournament. I remember in high school doing research with my brother Josh in the USA Today (no internet) to make our picks. In college I skipped afternoon classes on opening Thursday and Friday every year to take in that first weekend of games…it was literally a highlight of my year. Even the first few years I had a “real” job I would be glued to my computer wishing I was watching TV, in fact I even used vacation time one year to watch the games at a sports bar.

These days I really don’t care. The only college basketball I’ve watched has been with Parker because he likes watching sports. In fact, he’s the only reason I’ll care about my brackets this year. I’m introducing it to him and we’ll each be filling out brackets this week, so that should be fun.

Do you fill out brackets yet? If so, who are you picking to win it all? let us know in the comments.