Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and trace amounts of zinc.

+ Love the expanded MLB Playoffs. It will keep more fans interested towards the end of the season, it will create two must-watch Wild Card games at the end of September, and it will give divisions winners the edge they deserve over the wild cards.

As a kid only 4 teams made the playoffs, but who cares about preserving every tradition? The MLB has to keep changing to stay relevant. Next up on their list has to be finding ways to shorten the game.

+ Killer Tribes is lass than 4 weeks away! I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me talk about it, but I’ll remind you again anyway. Join us for an awesome weekend and register for Killer Tribes today! (Now’s the perfect time to book cheap flights to come, so check out and just to see what’s out there.)

+ Daylight savings time on Saturday night! One of the biggest surprises of parenting was how much this totally screwed with our schedules. Now that my kids are older it doesn’t matter as much, but back then that “Fall Back” was a complete disaster.

+ Check out this photo from the Blissdom 2012 Flickr group. That’s Blissdom Host Alli Worthington posing with a friend. You may also notice the guy in the background looking like he’s about to (or already has) killed someone. Like I told Alli the other day when she showed this to me, if it turns out someone was murdered at Blissdom I’m going to need an alibi thanks to this picture. Creeper! (Credit: Blissdom 2012 on Flickr)

+ This article on deathbed regrets really moved me this weekend. I’m using it as a part of the message I’m speaking to 100+ junior high and high school students on Wednesday night at our church. If you’re the praying type, send one up for me on Wednesday night. Want to be engaging, clear, and led by the Spirit.

+ Almost finished with Tina Fey’s Bossypants. Really enjoying it. It’s actually given me some inspiration for my next eBook in a weird, indirect way. Recommended.

+ Anyone have a drum pedal for Guitar Hero they don’t want anymore? We’re borrowing our friends’ set and I accidentally vacuumed over the wire and ripped it to shreds yesterday. On a related note, check me out doing some vacuuming while my wife is away for the weekend! How domesticated!

+ Finally finished watching Arrested Development this weekend. I had watched half the series a few years ago and then petered out, but over these last few weeks I’ve been plowing through them. It’s definitely in my Top 5 all time for TV series. The quick-moving plots and punchlines, coupled with Jason Bateman’s performance as the only grounded character on a show of crazy people* made it amazing. Really hoping the movie gets made.

*and by “crazy people” I mean some of the most memorable and ridiculous characters that have ever been on television.

What’s in your Monday Soup today? let us know in the comments.