Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 5 parts shredded wrapping paper.

Monday Tuesday Soup

+ Most ridiculous headline I’ve seen all year: 25-year-old pen removed from woman’s stomach still works.

+ I’ve been trying to get a great business mind on the roster of the Killer Tribes Conference and it finally happened. I’ll tell you more about him when I announce it next week, but Fast Company once put his book on their “Top 10 Business Books of the Year” list and his writings are required reading for business students at Stanford and Northwestern. So pumped about this.

+ Oh fantasy football, why do I even bother? I was in 4 leagues this year. In the two leagues where money was involved I finished near the bottom of the standings (of course). In the Burnside Writers league I made it to the semi-finals where Romo got me a big 0 points last week, sealing my fate. In the Blogger Ball league I had the best regular season record and made it to the finals, only to get beat by 8 points when Matt Ryan and Marques Colston did just enough last night to give Hunter from Mendmark the win. Maybe next year.

+ Most delicious present I received for Christmas? A box of mini Charleston Chews in my stocking from my wife that are already gone. Nom nom nom.

+ If you follow me on Twitter you saw some snapshots from my trip to Chuck E Cheese’s yesterday with Parker. Set high scores on the basketball and football games and almost turned my son into a degenerate gambler. Good times. Not on Twitter yet? Jump in and follow me: @bryanallain.

What about you, what’s in your Monday Soup today?