Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 37 parts nectar.

Monday Soup

+ I did an interview about blogging with Blake Atwood at FaithVillage last week. The word ‘poop’ was involved. I said a lot of brilliant things.

+ I’ve never been more excited about things in the Killer Tribes Blogger Community. So many great discussions happening in the forum and this week we’re launching a project that will provide every blogger with two honest, constructive critiques on their blog (you can still be a part if you join in the next couple of days). If you’re someone who spends time every week blogging, investing in this community will be a huge stepping stone for you. Come join us!

+ Mildly interesting TV news: Netflix will be airing 9-10 new episodes of Arrested Development in 2013, CougarTown isn’t returning until March (boo!) but there will be 15 new episodes (better than zero), and Greg Kinnear will be joining Modern Family as Phil’s new business partner. I’m also pumped for 30 Rock’s return in January.

+ Still enjoying Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port.

+ I’m launching an online 31 Days To Finding Your Blogging Mojo Class next weekend! Click that link for more details and an application. And if you use the code “49er” in the discount code section of your application you get 45% off. (That’s 4 1-hr coaching classes with 7 other people for $49).

+ Seth Godin and Leo Babuta talking about the future of books. Yes Please. Will be listening to this one this week.

+ The feeling of asking God to close a door that you’re not sure you should go through is much different than the feeling of having God close that door. Both take faith, but oftentimes in the asking you’re not really sure if you even want God to close it. Usually you’re asking God for his help because you’re pretty sure that door seems like the right choice, and unless he finds a way to close it, you’re probably going through it.

This week I had a door close on me that I was pretty confident I was headed through. And despite having asked God to close it if he didn’t want me going there, it was jarring. Which brings me back to faith. It took a little of it to pray on the front end of the situation. But now, faced with the fact that he closed that door for me, it’s taking a lot more than I anticipated to move on. And yet as hard as it is, it also feels like a milestone moment in my life. We’ll see…

What about you, what’s in your Monday Soup today?