Monday Soup

1 part chowder, 1 part clams, 1 part oyster crackers, plus all this stuff swimming in my head.

Monday Soup

+ My friend Kevin Keigley has a great new site up called The idea is simple and amazing. Write a letter to your 18 year old self. After you check it out make sure you submit your own letter to yourself at 18 warning that naive doofus about what’s to come and what to avoid. Oh, and you might want to suggest a new hairstyle too. Good stuff, Kevin.

+ Watched entirely too much football yesterday. But hey it was Week 1, so I splurged. In other sports news, the Red Sox are choking away the American League wild card right now in historic fashion and they have no starting pitching to stop the bleeding. Ugh.

+ Make sure you sign up for the Bloggers Meetup in Atlanta on October 5th! It’s going to be a ton of fun hanging out with a whole bunch of nerds, geeks, writers, and nutjobs. Here’s all the info on the Blogger Meetup you need.

+ My wife Erica is launching her first fitness class tonight at the Family Center of Gap and I’m so proud of her. It’s the culmination of countless hours of practice, certification work, paperwork, and hustling. We’re expecting over 50 people tonight for the free launch, and I know she’s gonna kill it as always. So excited about this!

+ Was interviewed by my friend Jeff Goins this weekend about Killer Tribes and 31 Days to Mojo (which releases in 2 days!!!). Read it to learn more about my re-branding, hear some great cannibal jokes, and discover what my favorite Seinfeld episode is.

+ Remember a while back when we did that 30 bloggers, $30,000 campaign for Charity:Water? We fell more than halfway short of our goal but still raised $12,000. Well the folks at Charity:Water made a video for us as a Thank You and mentioned all 30 bloggers by name. My mention comes a couple minutes in. Pretty cool.

What about you, what’s in YOUR Monday Soup today?