Monday Soup

1 Part Broth, 1 Part Noodles, and whatever else is floating around in my head.

Monday Soup

+ Celebrated 12 years of marriage to my amazing wife Erica yesterday. Any attempt I could make in this space to explain what she means to me and how amazing life is with her would come across as so cheesy and over the top that I won’t even try. So yeah, praying that God gives us another twelve years together, and then another twelve hundred million after that.

+ A month from now you won’t be able to find my blogging resources and coaching info at It will have a new digital home because I’ll be operating under a new digital name. Very excited about this re-brand, will share more details very soon.

+ I’m speaking at Gap Community Church on Sunday at 9am and 11am if you’re local to Lancaster County, PA. Going to be telling a few jokes, sharing some embarrassing stories from my past, and hopefully connecting the laughter to what God is doing in my life and in the lives of those listening. Should be fun.

+ If you’re interested in having me come out to make your church, men’s group, or youth group laugh with a fun message on laughing at your past and identifying the gifts God has placed in you for your future, shoot an email to with more information and someone will contact you shortly.

+ Enjoyed hanging out with Jon Acuff on Friday night at the Purple Door festival in Lebanon, PA. Jon was admittedly nervous about the gig because it was outdoors in daylight wedged between House of Heroes and LeCrae, but it went really well. Nobody was listening to him the first five minutes because he was the speaker at a music festival, but the constant barrage of pop culture references and great one-liners won the crowd over pretty quickly. It also led to these Instagram moments.

Minutes before going on the main stage, Jon Acuff is hard at work on a medium difficulty sudoku.

and of course…

+ We had an insanely good time at Hershey Park last week with our friends Than & Kandace (the couple who also met the same time Erica and I did at Creation 97). I stinking love roller coasters and Hershey has so many. Their top 3 in my book are definitely the Storm Runner, Fahrenheit, and the Wild Mouse. Are you a roller coaster person too? If so, you have to make a trip to Hershey.

What’s in your Monday Soup today?