Monday Soup

1 Part Broth, 1 Part Noodles, and whatever else is floating around in my head.

Monday Soup

+ Thanks for the feedback on the blog last week. I appreciated every comment and opinion you shared on what you love about my blog. Know that it helped clarify things for me, so thanks again for caring enough to share your opinions.

+ Had a great time with my family this past weekend. If you ever want to visit Lancaster County, PA to get a glimpse of Amish life, do it during Intercourse Heritage Days in June. From their intense volleyball tournaments to their dutchie accents to their dress, the Amish really are an interesting group of people. And the amazing food, kids’ activities, and fireworks display make it a pretty great weekend.

+ The only bummer of the weekend? Being woken up by my dad at 5:30am on Saturday morning because there was water in the house in places there should not be water. Had he not woken up so early to use the bathroom, we might not have discovered that the toilet basin had been overflowing in the upstairs bathroom for another hour or two (it had been going for almost an hour already), which would have been even more disastrous. I see lots of homeowner’s insurance calls in my future this week. Ugh.

+ Remember last year when I was eliminated in the Intercourse Heritage Days Spelling Bee on the first word? Well, this year I did a little better. I made it Round 8 before bowing out on “metamorphosis” because i couldn’t remember if that second ‘o’ was actually an ‘a’ (it’s not). It’s only a matter of time before I win that thing. My first 7 words? obligate, receive, hygiene, communicate, inhibition, malign, and omnipotent.

+ I recorded interviews with Jon Acuff and Tyler Stanton last week on blogging for the BlogRocket Community. Those guys had some great insights to share and couldn’t help but be really funny at times too. Look for those by the end of the week.

+ I think this weekend confirmed that golf doesn’t need Tiger Woods, it just needs stars. Rory McIlroy ascended to golf stardom this week, here’s to hoping he stays there for a long time.

+ If you’ve got an extra $300,000 laying around you might want to buy your own domain extension next year when the application process goes live. I mean, I already own and, why wouldn’t I want to spend close to a half a mil to set up bryan.allain? Not really relevant to folks like us, but big companies are gonna pay top dollar for those.

+ Don’t look now, but 3D television prices are starting to creep pretty low. Right now you can get Vizio’s 47″ 1080p 3D offering (which has built-in WiFi connectivity and apps like Netflix) for just $868 on Amazon. Still not sure 3D glasses are going to catch on for in-home viewing, but that’s still a great price for folks looking to upgrade an older tv set. (amazon affiliate link)

What’s in your Monday Soup today?