Monday Soup for 31MAY11

1 Part Broth, 1 Part Noodles, and whatever else is floating around in my head.

Monday Soup

+ Today is not Monday, even though it feels like it.

+ I’ve got 3 interviews scheduled for June with great bloggers. I’ll give you a taste of them here at, but you’ll only be able to hear them in their entirety if you belong to the BlogRocket Community. We’re still having a blast there, by the way, come join us.

+ This article on former Boston Celtic guard Chris Herren was fascinating to me. He went to high school 10 minutes from me and we graduated the same year. I remember seeing him in a full page Sports Illustrated photo and I remember the disappointment when I turned on his first game for Boston College only to find out he wasn’t playing. He played for Fresno St., the Denver Nuggets, the Celtics, and overseas before his drug addiction finally nearly cost him his life. Sober for 3 years now, it seems like he’s finally turned things around.

+ Summer school for your blog? If you start up the BlogRocket Booster Course this week or next you’ll wrap up the 12-Week course at the end of August. (Yes, even if you take a week off at some point for vacation.) Want 15-20% higher blog traffic by September? Sign up for the Booster Course today and get your immediate download today.

+ Loved what Beyonce told Lauren Alaina during an American Idol mentoring session in one of the last few episodes of this past season. She talked about being nervous and how she gets into character before she performs, something I think that all of us need to do from time to time to overcome our fears. Whether it’s blogging with confidence when you’re fighting doubts or speaking to a large group with authority that you don’t feel you deserve, sometimes you’ve got to rise above yourself and get it done. If you don’t feel like you’ve got what it takes, play the role of a character who does.

+ Going on an all-day field trip with my daughter tomorrow to the Franklin Institute in Philly. Got me wondering if you guys have any good field trip stories.

What was the best or worst field trip you ever took as a student?