Two Interviews You May Peruse

Two very classy gentleman offered to interview for my blog and I could not say no.

I tried to say no, but they wouldn’t let me. Then they sent me interview questions that were longer than all 3 college applications I filled out in the early 90s combined. Good grief these guys got their money’s worth.

But all joking aside, these guys are both great writers. You should check out their blogs for my interviews and stay for their talent.

Brandon SneedA Few Things About Blogging in Awesomely in Amish Country

Knox McCoyResidents of Awesometown #5, Bryan Allain

Seriously, these interviews are in-depth. If you hate me, you might want to skip them. Otherwise you might learn something new.

Thanks for reading everyone!

PS…Did you get your free 32-page eBook on Blogging yet? I poured a lot of wisdom into this pig! Go download it or I will cry Justin Timberlake a river!