More Angry Letters

Sometimes Tyler Stanton and I get angry at people. Instead of yelling at them, we hold it in and write them letters we’ll never actually deliver because we’re punks.

These are those letters.

Dear Guy Who Angled the Shower Head at the Gym to Spray Outside the Shower So I Got Sprayed With Freezing Cold Water This Morning,

Not cool.

Angrily yours, Tyler & Bryan

PS – That being said, I’ll be pulling that prank for the rest of my life. Thanks for the idea.

Dear Guy Who Wore Red on Valentine’s Day,


Were you trying to impress us with the fact that you knew what day it was?

Do you think people will respect you more for your color-calendar coordination?

Is this some kind of a game to you? Because it’s not. Nobody is giving you points for that blood red turtleneck.

In fact, I just decided to make it a game, and I’m docking you 50 points and disqualifying you for life.

You lose.

Angrily yours, Tyler & Bryan

PS – Thanks for informing me that Valentine’s Day is a holiday created by greeting card companies to take my money. Never heard that one before.

How about you?

You guys kill this every time we do it. Got any more angry letter you need to write?

The floor is yours.