21 Car Model Names That Never Made It

It kind of feels like we’re running out of car names, doesn’t it?

We’ve named them after animals, clouds, shapes, and zodiac signs. We’ve used random letters and numbers. We’ve even made up words that mean absolutely nothing.

The problem is, not every name that gets brought up in these creative meetings is gold. In fact, some of them suck. I spoke with secret spies I have placed at every company in the auto industry last week to find out the worst names that never made it out of their brainstorming sessions. Here’s what they told me.

21 Car Model Names that Never Made it

1. The Chevy Lemon

2. The Land Rover Guzzle Machine

3. The Kia Klunkero

4. The Mercury Disease

5. The Audi Hoverplaner

6.  The Saturn Uranus

7. The Mercedes Waste

8.  The Volkswagen QuitWagon

9. The Buick Strander

10. The Porsche SpeedTrap

11. The Toyota Problem

12. The Ford Phallus

13. The Lexus Lohan

14. The Mazda FAIL

15. The Chrysler ClownCar

16. The Acura Letdown

17. The Dodge Ignition Bomb

18. The Hummer DebtMountain

19. The Nissan Coffin

20. The Honda Terrible

21. The BMW BryanAllain

Okay, that’s all I got.

What about you? Got a creative suggestion for a terrible car model name? Let us have it.

If not, what’s the dumbest real car name out there in your opinion?