And the Super Bowl Picks Winner is…


Okay, well it wasn’t me. I only got 2 of the 10 props right.

BUT, I did pick the Packers to win it all waaaaay back in September, so as Clair Huxtable used to say, “Let the record show…that for once I picked the Super Bowl winner before the season started!

(I also predicted that the Week 17 STL@SEA game would be for the first pick in the draft and it ended up being for a playoff spot, so I shouldn’t be too proud of myself.)

Anyway, back to the Super Bowl props.

The winner, the only person to pick 8 of the 10 correctly, the person who said, “I am a complete football moron, but I like to try my luck”, is…

Kristin Herdy!!!

Kristin wins a guest post at my blog that she can redeem for herself or sell on eBay for $8.42. Congrats!

As for the rest of you, here was the breakdown:

7 Right

Craig, Josh L-W, Joe Robinson, Seeking Pastor, Lazarus, and Lindsay Goodwin

6 Right

Jerry White, Zeke Smith, Lance, Keith, Kely Breez, Indy Mavs, Tyler Tarver, Steph Kandray, Jason Wert, Jon Acuff, and Curtis Honeycutt.

5 Right

Elizabeth Birak, Cole S, eduClaytion, Mitch S, Tim, Don Shorey, Trevor, Brad Aldrich, and Michael Kandray

4 Right

Ryan Tate, Mike Salisbury, Scott, DT Dorrin, Lucas Williamson, Russ, Chad Gibbs, Riggs, and Kevin

3 Right

Tim M, Keith Elgin, and Chuck

2 Right

Blake, Bryan A, Rob Shep, and Lacey

1 Right

Geof Morris

and finally, last AND definitely least, with 0 out of 10 Right…


Finally, here’s the Correct Predictions:

1. A – Packers covered the 2.5 points.
2. B – “Total points” was over 44.5.
3. A – Steelers received the opening kickoff
4. A – Longest TD was not 45 yards or more.
5. A – Longest made FG was not 44 yards or more.
6. B – Rashard Mendenhall did not rush for 25 or more yards than James Starks
7. B – Jordy Nelson had more receiving yards than Hines Ward.
8. A – More points were scored in the 1st quarter + the 4th quarter.
9. A – Aaron Rodgers won the MVP.
10. A – Christina Aguilera’s “Braaave” lasted longer than 6 seconds.

Thanks for playing along! Hope you enjoyed the game.

Tell us, what was your favorite moment from the game?

Was it a commercial, a play on the field, or an amazing food concoction you stuffed in your face?