7 Reasons to Go to Dream Year Weekend

Ben Arment announced on his blog this week that the next DreamYear Weekend is officially ON.

Dream Year Weekend D.C.

Ebeneezer’s Coffeehouse in Washington D.C.

June 3-5, 2011

Seating Limited to 75 Participants (register here)

In case you need them, here’s…

7 Reasons You Should Go to Dream Year Weekend

1. You might need a spark – Got a dream lying dormant in you? or maybe you’ve got a couple and you’re not sure which one to pursue? Sometimes it just takes an event like this to snap you out of your comfort zone into a place of clarity.

2. The connections – You’ll be hanging out with 75 other people who, like you, are hungry to see their dreams realized. Guarantee that if you put yourself out there you’ll make connections with people who will become a part of your dream down the road. And if you’re single, maybe you’ll find yourself a spouse! (okay, that was uncalled for…sorry.)

3. Milestones help you make progress – Ben shares with you many of the key elements that make up his Dream Year system. One of the most valuable tools he shares is his month by month plan for executing your dream. As he writes in the notebook that all Weekenders get, “Great ideas have no value unless they’re executed”.

4. You get to see Washington D.C. – If you’ve never been to D.C., it’s a place you have to visit at least once. Truth is, at some point aliens will come and destroy all of these amazing D.C. landmarks with their fancy alien-lasers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

5. Practical Advice from Someone Who’s Living it – As you’ll hear from Ben when he shares his stories, he’s been there, done that. He’s planted a church, written a book, and started a conference organization. He doesn’t sugarcoat the ups and downs, and he doesn’t hold back on challenging you to face yours either. When someone is speaking truth from experience it makes for a captivated audience.

6. It’s Reasonably Priced – $250 for pre-registering is an amazing deal. You get over 8 hours of actual teaching time plus 4 great meals. (And as these events continue to generate positive buzz, I can see Ben charging more down the line. Just sayin’.)

7. It’s an investment in You – I think sometimes we’re all hesitant to spend a couple hundred bucks on this because the thinking is, “Well, what if my dream never happens? Then I’ll look like a fool for wasting money on it.” But I challenge you to flip that on it’s head. If you really do have a dream inside of you, wouldn’t you be a fool for NOT pursuing it? Doesn’t it make sense to take a step forward and commit some time and money to it? Maybe that’s exactly the thing you need to do to figure out if this is worth committing to.

Is DreamYear Weekend for everyone? Of course not. But for many of you, it will be exactly what you need. The two guys I went to Dream Year Nashville with last weekend were as excited about it as I was afterwards. We all left feeling inspired, equipped, and challenged to push past our fears and take some risks with our dreams.

Do yourself a favor and at least consider it for 20 seconds…

…and if you missed it, go listen to my FreshPod interview with Ben Arment from a few months ago.