Caption This Idiot

I’m flying out to Nebraska this weekend to speak at a high school retreat at Summit Christian College. Should be a blast to connect with a few readers and challenge some young minds.

Been a busy speaking month for me. Spoke to the men’s group at my church last week and spoke to a local youth group at their Fall retreat last weekend. Still enjoying it though, so bring it on.

This picture is from last Friday night’s service. Not sure at what point during the service it was snapped, but I know it’s begging for a caption. So have at it…

Alright, give me your best shot.

Caption, Please.

and if you’re interested in having me in to speak to your youth group (or men’s group) shoot me an email ( and we can figure out if we can make it work. I bring a humor based, spiritually challenging message that seems to resonate well with folks, especially high school students and robots.