A Little More About You (and Movies)

The kind folks at The Lancast invited me over last weekend to talk about my writing, my blog, and my podcast. How cool is that? (very cool.) I’ll give you the link to check it out in a minute, but first we have some important business to attend to.

It’s been too long and it’s time again to learn a little more about you, so here’s 3 questions…

A Little More About You and The Movies

1. What’s the last movie you saw in the theater, and did you like it?

2. What’s your favorite movie in terms of rewatchability? A movie you might never get sick of no matter how many times you watch it.

3. What’s the one movie you’ve never seen that almost everyone else has; to the point where people get mad at you when they hear you haven’t seen it?

Let us know a little bit more of what you like on the silver screen in the comments.

PS…and here’s the link to listen to me ramble for 30 minutes about writing, humor, Amish people, and how much I love writing on my blog for you guys.¬†After you’ve left your answers to the movie questions, go give it a listen. (And if you leave a comment over on their site, they might be fooled into thinking I’m worth having back on the show.) –¬†Bryan Allain on The Lancast – Thanks!